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With 55% of consumers preferring to shop at a bricks and mortar store rather than a pure play online retailer, it’s no wonder companies are making an effort to create the ultimate in-store experience (nchannel). While online retailers are admittedly rising in popularity, there is nothing better than walking into a store and getting more out of the experience than just a shopping trip.

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Indigo is a Canadian success story contributed to by an amazing bricks and mortar experience. The new Sherway Gardens Toronto location is the pride and joy of the company, where the visual merchandising company took to great lengths to make attract customers and keep them. While the company began as a small bookstore, it has quickly grown to sell mostly general merchandise, including home décor, tabletop and kitchen supplies and style accessories. One of the highlights of the new location includes an entire candle corner, merchandised to appease your aesthetic eye. Colours and scents are arranged artfully, in order to create an experience for all five senses.

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And while having a bricks and mortar store is much more expensive than pure play, the results are worth it. “Our transformation efforts have delivered real growth momentum,” said the CEO of Indigo, Heather Reisman. In fact, the Financial Post claims that the sales in the general merchandise department saw a double digit increase because of the new store.

While I may be biased because I worked at the home office at Indigo this past summer, it cannot be argued that the physical store experience and visual merchandising can create a positive brand image for any bricks and mortar company.



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